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Providing Better Utility Infrastructure Solutions

What We Do

Infraco Consulting works closely with major infrastructure clients to provide programme, project, commercial, design, construction and utility specialist management and consultancy services.

We are a Utilities Solutions Provider and work closely with our clients to expertly bridge the gap between construction and utilities for seamless project execution.

We provide Clients our end-to-end Utilities Management services throughout the project lifecycle to deliver the most optimal utility solutions for their projects. 

We tailor our specialist utility consulting and management services to fit the requirements of your project and can cover anything from strategic planning, project management and commercial management to design coordination and management and on-site construction assurance.

We are experts in new connections, diversionary works, constructability, space planning, asset protection and improving the efficiency of existing capacity, to find the best solutions for the project.

We understand the rigorous, nuanced, regulatory governance within which utility companies must operate and how to apply this knowledge on behalf and to the advantage of our clients to get the best for their projects.

Our team will work seamlessly within integrated project teams to identify, manage, assure and coordinate utilities’ interfaces to ensure the integration of utilities within the wider project.


From works delivered within the transportation infrastructure, energy, water and waste and climate and carbon sectors, Infraco Consulting is well versed in the technical and logistical challenges faced by major infrastructure projects. We provide professional management and advice to our clients to ensure that improvements are delivered to programme, budget and to the highest quality

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Project and Programme Management

Utility infrastructure and enabling works project and programme management is a key service that Infraco Consulting provides to our clients.

Our experienced consultants have years of experience working directly on or alongside the UK's largest infrastructure projects with complex interfaces and multiple stakeholders.

Whether specialist, strategic, or just the fundamentals of project management we can provide you with a solution.

Commercial and Procurement Management

We are well versed in the requirements and complexities of infrastructure project commercials. At Infraco Consulting we can aid in the negotiation of using either the NRSWA or bespoke agreements with utility companies.

We work with multiple clients to manage and advise commercial and procurement milestones including the development of procurement strategies whilst bringing our comprehensive understanding of the procurement rules that they require.

In addition, we offer our clients commercial management, contract administration and project cost management in the delivery stages of projects.

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Design Management.jpeg

Design Management and Coordination

Our specialist design consultants have the capabilities and expertise to assist with the intricacy of the design elements including management, coordination and integration, to help your project throughout each stage.

We can manage the design processes and protocols to ensure a fully integrated design to ensure subsequent approval from the statutory undertakers to achieve adoption.

Construction Management and Assurance

We can offer construction management and assurance with our experienced construction professionals to manage and coordinate all parties to ensure ‘a right first-time’ utilities installation to ensure a seamless adoption thereby mitigating impacts to the wider project programme.

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